Candle Box Packaging

Whether it’s custom printed candle boxes, candle sleeves, or dust covers, your packaging will play a large part in how successful your candle and aromatherapy products will be in the market. There are now generic boxes available  for the candle maker from candle making suppliers, but all this results in everyone using the same printed boxes. Your product needs to attract attention. This is not easy considering your competition on the retail shelf. Custom short run printed boxes are a quick and economical way to get your product noticed and result in more sales.
Packaging Productions can manufacture printed folding candle boxes for all types of tumblers, glass jars, tins and other containers. These include tumbler glasses, metro or status jars, old fashioned and old fashioned french apothecary jars, danube and oxford jars, mexicana jars, and tealights. In fact anything supplied by the main candle supply and glassware suppliers in Australia and New Zealand or that you can source yourself.
Please visit our more candle industry specific website for custom candle box packaging, candle dust covers, and candle safety labels.

Your packaging, whether a custom box or other printed packaging, will largely determine your success in marketing your product, in the modern retail environment. Your packaging is your silent salesperson. Your packaging has to do a lot — it needs to attract attention, provide protection to your product, and ultimately sell your products. This is not an easy task considering the competition on the retail shelf or at your local market. Custom short run printed boxes are a quick, economical, and attractive way to get your product noticed.

We know there are many packaging options. What are the advantages of having your own custom short run candle and aromatherapy products boxes?

  • They define your product the way you want consumers to see it.
  • They increase the perceived value of your products.
  • Boxes give you more real estate space to get your message out.
  • Boxes make for attractive packaging that stands out from your competition.
  • Retailers tend to display more attractive packaging in prime selling locations.
  • Boxes allow you to brand your product and create a cohesive family of products.
  • Printed boxes are coated,so will keep their fresh look despite continuous handling.
  • Short run boxes allow you to provide custom private label products for your customers.
  • Paperboard boxes are 100% recyclable, allowing for environmental sustainability.

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